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Science Pavilion UZH Augmented Reality Window

Story of the Universe

The texts are also available in German and "Leichte Sprache".


A journey of discovery through time: 13.8 billion years of worlds history in 24 hours

Find out window by window what a long history our universe has already behind it. To do this, simply scan QR code after QR code.

So that you can get a feeling for the duration of the individual phases of development, we have converted these difficult to imagine time periods into the 24 hours of a day on earth: 1 hour then corresponds to 575 million years, 1 second to 160,000 years.

From the Big Bang to the Milky Way: where is the Sun?

Hello, is anyone there?

Almost like in an action thriller: Let live and die (out)

"Late" was already then typical for humans

“I know that I know nothing”: what motivates us researchers