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Slow Chaos

Chaos is all around us. In everyday life, the word is understood to mean disorder and lack of rules. However, did you know that for mathematicians chaos has rules? Or that it can be fast or slow? And what do butterflies and the weather actually have to do with chaos?

In this exhibition you will find out more about the research on chaotic systems at the Institute for Mathematics. And it is not all only theory. You can use mathematical trick yourself to unfold a billiard ball trajectory into a straight line.

Be inspired by the fantastic mathematical tricks and the outstanding achievements of UZH professor Corinna Ulcigrai. She too found her inspiration in the work of various women mathematicians.

Would you like to know more about UZH research on chaotic systems and get in touch with us? Then book a guided tour:

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You can join us on a guided tour through the Slow Chaos exhibition from the Institute of Mathematics:

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